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What is LAKA

Dream It, Create It.

LAKA is an independent animation production company that produces Videatrical animated shorts and artworks LAKA is dedicated to bringing audiences the most exciting voices from the world of independent animation & cinema, utilizing marketing, and strategies as cutting-edge as the films it delivers.

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Our Story

LAKA was founded in 2017 and opened its doors on April 1, 2020. The studio was originally called NDCUnivercity from 2016-2018. LAKA later took over as the new NDCU in 2018 with 2 short films "Eric & Girl (2018) & Tako Goes Nuts (2019). 2020 was a good time for LAKA to arrive on the scenes even when Covid-19 broke out but the studio barely managed, making new plans for the future of the studio. Now in 2021, LAKA will be able to produce various animation projects we weren't able to before. We are now able to dream and create imaginatively. 

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