A New Schedule is Born!

On April 11, 2020, we're expanding our release schedule with 2 new day slots. Many people know Sunday Fundays for its release of artworks and animated content, well we have other ideas we want to share with the world though they aren't really part of the Sunday Funday lineup. That's where we added two more day slots to LAKA, one for Mondays and one for Wednesdays. Monday will have PlayMe Mondays, our recently successful adult category PlayMe will officially be on the scenes every Monday censored social wide and uncensored on LAKAOnline and DeviantArt. Wednesday will have Hump Posts, it will feature random releases, announcements, and trailers at the studio as well as new Market releases. These schedules will be known as the big three and will feature more new content at LAKA than ever before.

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