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The new and improved LAKAOnline has been released as part of the 1 year anniversary of LAKA Animation Studios. Last year was pretty tough due to COVID-19 but now its a new year and the entire team are willing to make LAKA better than ever before. We have now formed an official team and everyone is now working together to make a film project. a handful we have in development are 3 short films, 3 movies and 2 shows. We are also developing a handful of new short sketch videos, and will be available soon on YouTube, Vimeo & LAKAOnline. We now have a news blog section on our site now viewers can see what's happening at the studio. New Sunday artworks will also be available in the artworks section of the site, and you can view what we have to offer and what's coming soon in our projects section. Stay tuned for more updates here at LAKA.

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