Models Update/New Film Release Plans

This Summer Models will officially receive an update. Models will have their own schedule replacing the now-defunct PlayMe, this time on Tuesdays called Model Tuesdays. LAKA will develop a modeling section inside the studio titled Picture Perfect Studio, which will feature a photoshoot section for new people that would want to become new LAKA Models, the section will also feature a Motion Capture section where animators can be able to create their animations by moving their bodies with the software Radical, giving more realism to our upcoming animated features. Models will have animated & live-action characters, the characters that will participate in the animated modeling section are Madison, Riley 1 & 2, Wendy, Nia, Chloe, Abby, and many more.

For the live-action section, we have Leah Edwards as our modeling girl, and for more people that would like to be part of the Models category, we will feature a little program that allows people on the spectrum can submit their photos and we create fictional magazine covers based off of their photos with a few enhancements. Models will feature this update on June 20th, 2021.

For our feature films, shorts and series, were planning on producing more animated content annualy. For our short films were planning on producing one or two short films per year, for tv/web shows we want to produce two shows per 2 years giving each show a 2 season run, but as a twist if a show becomes popular enough it would recieve a 3rd season. As for movies, we want to produce one movie per 2 years, for sketches and minimations we want to produce 10 sketches and minimations per year bringing out more content as possible. All of our film projects as well as minimations and sketches are now in development at the studio but might be delayed for a 2022 release. In case this delay happens were gonna split the minimations and sketches in half releasing 5 of the videos in the spring and the remaining 5 during the holidays. As for our shorts Best Friends and Rhapsody in Blue they will be released at the same year anywhere between Holiday 2022 to Spring 2023.

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