New Changes are Happening in 2021

This summer, we're changing up the studio completely with a new era called Dream It, Create it 2.0. a sequel era to its predecessor. This new era will open up new doors for new content and also saying farewell to a few contents.

One of the first new changes is a new category which is a spin-off of Sketches called Minimations. Minimations work just as well as Sketches but way shorter this time going at about a few seconds long, 4 Minimations are in development at the studio and more will be coming soon to the studio, Minimations, will be part of our Sunday Funday schedule.

Another big change is our target demographic before the studio focuses on producing content for older teens and adults. But that's all going to change instead of focusing on content for adults, our target audience will be focused on teenagers and young adults from the ages of 12-20 totally dedicated to them. This new change will feature films that will feature the ratings from G to PG-13 and for shows, it will have the ratings going from TV-G to TV-14.

Our next change is that on May 1st, we're saying goodbye to PlayMe. On that day the adult category PlayMe will be discontinued due to low ratings and being a little too mature for everyone's standards. WIth PlayMe going away, it will be replaced by another category whenever the time comes.

We also have two new shows in development at LAKA, One of which will be an action and adventure teen drama that features the Riley twins who stumbled upon a portal to a futuristic city called CyberTech City. They bumped into some new friends and discovered the horrible truth of what's happening at CyberTech, now it's up to them to save CyberTech from its doom and finding their way back home. Riley Riley will be premeiring soon on Vimeo and YouTube. Our next show is a comedy-driven based show about two unlikely partners named Carp & Blark. They both recently got kicked out of their homes and stumbles upon a crappy home that they can afford, now they have to find jobs and try to make their lives better while learning the ways of life and living on their own. Carp & Blark is set to premiere soon on YouTube & Vimeo.

Our new distributor CineFocus' launch day is getting closer, and its website is now in development at the studio. The idea for CineFocus is not only to be LAKA's film distributor but it will also be the home for new and independent filmmakers worldwide. CineFocus will allow filmmakers to submit their films to the website and will be able to develop and release their films inside and outside of the studio whether it's live-action or animation, so not only CineFocus will be made for filmmakers its made by filmmakers, this little distributor will let in some new creative content by fabulous indie filmmakers. On May 15, LAKA and CineFocus will release a gong show document that will allow filmmakers to share their film ideas and will be able to develop their own films, thus giving new content for both LAKA and CineFocus.

In conclusion, Noddle will produce short kids' videos on LAKA's Vimeo and YouTube channels, LAKA House is going back to its routes on producing commercials for not only LAKA but other indie studios as well if requested. Markets will produce 3D products once more now on Wednesdays as part of HumpPost. Logos will release logo bumpers and variants from LAKA as well as logo histories. HowTo will continue to produce tutorials for new filmmakers as well as tutorials for Blender, Photoshop, Animate, Character Animator, Davichi Resolve, and many more. Models will feature realistic photoshoot-like renders starring one of our characters as well as new and upcoming ones, bringing in more fashion to the category. That's what's happening here at LAKA, and we tend to make 2021 a great year for everyone.

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